Breast Cancer Collection

Breast cancer patients have benefited from clear advances in treatment options during the past four decades. Expanding therapeutic options have reflected substantial improvements in clinical outcomes. The Oncologist prioritizes the publication of work that has clear clinical application, and the Editors are pleased to invite you to explore The Oncologist's multidisciplinary collection of original research and review articles on advances in the diagnosis and management of breast cancer. This collection covers diverse topics of interest to clinicians, with a focus on targeted therapies, adjuvant endocrine therapy, and treatment-related side effects.

Highlighted topics include:

  • managing the potential toxicity and drug interactions of CDK 4/6 inhibitors
  • recommendations for treating breast cancer during pregnancy, which presents both ethical and professional challenges
  • treatment strategies for patients with hereditary breast cancer syndromes involving germline mutations
  • the application of gene expression profiling in targeting the molecular subtypes of triple negative breast cancers
  • the potential to enhance prognostic information and stratification by incorporating tumor subtype and grade into the current AJCC staging system
  • the results of the PALOMA-3 trial, showing that palbociclib combined with fulvestrant and goserelin was effective and well‐tolerated in premenopausal women with prior endocrine‐resistant HR+/HER2− advanced breast cancer.

The practical nature of this collection brings the state of the art in the treatment of breast cancer directly to the clinic to improve the care of your patients.